Cheers to Flynn revival; jeers to hateful fantasy nerds


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It was a good week for ...

1. Justin Tucker: We are in the golden age of kickers. Everyone is awesome, but Tucker might be the best of all. Bonus points for giving fantasy owners a shout-out following his 6-for-6 masterpiece.

2. Matt Flynn: Remember when this guy was released by the Raiders and Bills because he wasn't good enough to be a backup? The Raiders and Bills, people!

3. Sara Bareilles' royalty earnings: HONESTLY, I WANT TO SEE YOU BE BRAVE!

It was a bad week for ...

1. Eli Manning: Does anybody else find it strange that Elisha is getting a free pass? Manning -- coming off a five-pick meltdown against Seattle -- is making a late push for the NFL's single-season interception record.

2. Kevin Huber: Head. On. A. Swivel. Son.

3. Jim Schwartz and Jason Garrett: The burning smell you detect is the seat of your pants, gentlemen.

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What the What?

A group of 49ers fans have reportedly raised the necessary funds to erect a billboard less than a mile away from CenturyLink Field. This is the image that will glow above the misty gray of the Pacific Northwest. Oh brother.

This is just the latest in the great NFL billboard craze of the 2010s. You might remember back in January, when Clear Channel erected a billboard in Boston promoting the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Ravens as "Ray's Retirement Party." After Lewis and the Ravens won, a response billboard went up in Baltimore, followed by Clear Channel tail-between-its-legs retort. It was all pretty exhausting.

And who's to blame for all this billboard madness? Why Tim Tebow, of course. You can't say the man hasn't left behind a legacy.

Instagram of the week

How can you not feel for Gronk right now? He's like a puppy with one of those lamp shade things around its neck. Just sad.

Quote of the Week

"I hope that Steeler player loses his house and has to live in his car."

Nicholas Andrew Johnson, 7-year-old Bengals fan, penned a letter to Kevin Huber expressing his wish that Terence Harvin take up residence in a van down by the river.

Hero of the Week: Carson Palmer

The Cardinals quarterback came up with a wickedly brilliant plan this week, withholding Christmas gifts to his offensive line until they wore ridiculous holiday pajamas for an entire day.

Suddenly, I want the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl.

Villain of the Week: Fantasy Twitter Idiots

We're 100 percent behind Torrey Smith's criticism of those who use Twitter to take jabs at players who don't produce enough for their fantasy teams.

There is a fundamental disconnect between you and society if you're wishing serious injury on a stranger so you win your semifinals matchup against Ken in accounting. Pull it together.

Read Option(al)

"Shut It Down" -- Charles P. Pierce, Grantland

Pierce breaks down a lost season in Washington and explains how Robert Griffin III has become "the bill being debated, the land-use rider for which the bribes have not yet been clearly worked out." Great stuff.

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"The Official 2013 NFL Touchdown-Celebration Audit" -- Geoff Foster, Wall Street Journal

The top five most common touchdown celebrations in 2013:

1. Celebrate with team/do nothing notable (26.5 percent)
2. The "Jump and Bump" (11.3 percent)
3. Dance (9.3 percent)
4. Signature move (9.1 percent)
5. Spike the football (6.9 percent)

Look at the spike holding its own!

Until next time ...

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