LeSean McCoy told Eagles teammates Cowboys won


The Philadelphia Eagles couldn't do any scoreboard watching on the flight home from their surprising blowout loss to the Vikings last Sunday, but they still wanted updates on the Dallas Cowboysgame versus the Green Bay Packers.

As luck would have it, LeSean McCoy was the only person on the Eagles' team plane with internet access.

Realizing he had the perfect scenario to mess with his teammates, the star running back decided to have a little fun at their expense.

Doing his best Howie Roseman impression Monday night, McCoy told WIP-FM, via CBS Philly, that the general manager was asking: "Hey bud, what's that score? Hey buddy, what's that score?"

Although McCoy played it straight with Roseman and coach Chip Kelly, he twisted the facts when updating the players.

"I said, 'Yeah, (Tony) Romo threw a 37-yard pass, touchdown.' They're like, 'Really?' I'm like 'Nah, he threw a pick actually,'" McCoy explained. "Because nobody knew except for me, so whatever I said, they had to believe."

Several Eagles players said Tuesday that they took the loss well and were thankful for the opportunity to be "knocked off (their) high horse" that resulted from their five-game winning streak.

On the flight home, though, it was the brutal Cowboys collapse that helped the Eagles recover quickly from their own disappointment.

"It definitely did (help our spirits). It didn't feel like a loss, either," McCoy said. "If you lose, you don't want to talk."

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