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Tim Tebow targeted by three networks for television job

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Tim Tebow is being courted by several television networks for next college football season.

No fewer than three TV networks are interested in hiring former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to be part of their college football TV coverage next fall, according to

ESPN's new SEC Network, scheduled for launch next year, CBS Sports and Fox Sports are the apparent suitors.

The natural fit?

Of course, the SEC Network, which would place the former Florida Gators megastar in the comfort zone of his own former conference. According to the report, ESPN has even done some groundwork regarding his potential future role. While the NFL audience may be ready to say goodbye to the Tebow career narrative, the college audience would no doubt be more likely to re-embrace one of the game's most memorable and prolific athletes.

To be sure, there are more than a few college fans who feel they've faced enough Tebow exposure to last a lifetime. But to the networks, that may just mean adding to the ratings with haters.

As for Tebow's potential in the role, he has a lot of the necessary attributes built-in: name recognition, charisma, football experience, and all the comfort in his own skin that a network exec could ask for. But it's also fair to wonder this: Could he deliver a candid opinion on a failed coach, program or player when the job calls for the brutal variety of honesty? In almost any role, part of Tebow's job would be to criticize when warranted -- this from a guy who has never been known to be critical of anyone or anything, at least not on a public platform.

For Tebow, that would be the toughest challenge.

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