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Mississippi State Bulldogs mascot breaks leg in accident

Spruce Derden/USA TODAY Sports
The student wearing Mississippi State's mascot costume suffered a broken leg during Thursday's game.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs' mascot, "Bully," missed Thursday night's thrilling finish of MSU's 17-10 overtime win over rival Ole Miss after suffering an injury.

An ESPN camera cart reportedly ran over the leg of the student who wears the mascot costume. The accident caused a compound fracture and the student already has undergone two surgeries, according to This from MSU Director of Athletics Scott Stricklin:

The accident happened during the fourth quarter, although it's unclear exactly how. Network camera carts stay on a designated path throughout any live broadcast, though it's not uncommon for people not affiliated with the TV crew (media, cheerleaders, security, etc.) to wander within harm's way. A few photos of the sideline scene after the accident have surfaced on Twitter:

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