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Wife Terry Saban: Alabama will be Nick Saban's last job

Dave Martin/Associated Press
Terry Saban, the wife of Nick Saban, said the Alabama job will her husband's last coaching job.

Although Nick Saban already has been at Alabama for two years longer than he has ever been a head coach anywhere, some football fans have a hard time believing it when he says the Crimson Tide will be his last career coaching stop.

If they won't take it from Saban, whose mishandled departure from the Miami Dolphins seven years ago still serves as a crutch for his reputation as a come-and-go coach, perhaps they'll take it from his wife.

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"We have decided: this is where we are going to end our career," Terry Saban said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Within weeks of completing his seventh season with the Crimson Tide, and perhaps accumulating his fourth BCS national championship in that span, Saban has built the college game's current gold standard for programs. From the standpoint of team success, there is nowhere to go but down in the college game. The NFL? For Saban, now 62, it's likely a been-there, done-that proposition.

And Saban himself has described himself as "too damned old" to start over somewhere else.

As for rumors that "Miss Terry" was recently house-hunting in Austin, Texas, sparking yet another round of internet chatter about Saban coaching at Texas, the wife shot those down, as well.

"Rumors with absolutely no foundation. ... We're staying. We're not going anywhere," she said.

The wife has spoken.

And if Saban's jokes about who runs his household hold any truth at all, the matter is closed.

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