Lions laugh off Brandon Marshall's 'little brother' talk


Brandon Marshall made some news with his comments about the Detroit Lions, who completed their season sweep of the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

"It's the little brother that, big brother wants to go out and play with his friends and the little brother is annoying, (saying), 'Hey, can I go?' " Marshall said Monday on WMVP-AM in Chicago. "No, you can't go, Detroit Lions. Sit back. Sit in your little city. Fix your financial problems and all of that, you know. You can't come with us right now."

Lions guard Rob Sims didn't take kindly to Marshall's jabs at the city of Detroit, but most Lions players shrugged off Marshall's characterization Tuesday. We imagine this is easy to do when you're on the winning end of the rivalry.

Running back Reggie Bush expressed a personal anecdote he believes carries some weight.

"You know what's funny, I have a little brother," Bush said, via the team's official website. "I was the older brother and kind of pushed him around a little bit.

"Now he's 6-7. There's no pushing him around anymore," Bush added. "He can hang with me. At some point in time the little brother always grows up and ends up being the bigger brother."

Marshall took the unusual path, trash talking after a loss. We're not sure we see this method catching on across the NFL.

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