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Hugh Freeze shares Halloween scare for Ole Miss Rebels player

Dave Martin / Associated Press
Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze had some Halloween fun at the expense of a Rebels player Thursday.

Never let it be said that Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze doesn't do Halloween.

The Rebels' second-year coach posted a Vine video Thursday of an unidentified Ole Miss player getting a wicked Halloween scare from a teammate who was hiding on the upper shelf of the prank victim's locker. See here:

Based on the reaction from teammates, there is little doubt most of the locker room was in on this gag long before the unsuspecting player. On Saturday, we'll find out if the Rebels scare easily against Arkansas.

And just for posting a Vine video and getting it out via Twitter, go ahead and hand Freeze the "Most Social Media-Savvy Coach" award in the SEC this season. After all, as we learned this week, not every coach in the league is aboard the bandwagon.

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