Bill Belichick, Patriots dress up for Halloween


The New England Patriots -- known the world over as an organization that loves to cut loose --  held a rollicking Halloween soiree on Monday night.

Is this enough setup? Yeah, that should do it.

Thoughts: As Gregg Rosenthal points out, this is the same pirate costume Belichick wore in 2009, a get-up immortalized in that great "A Football Life" episode from a few years back. That's right: Belichick is a Halloween recycler.

Thoughts: Further evidence Tom Brady will do anything Gisele commands of him. I get it, though.

Thoughts: Oh hey, Aqib Talib, welcome to the next three months of my nightmares!

And while we're here ...

Thoughts: Hooray for 90s nostalgia! Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and his wife, ESPN's Samantha Ponder, call back to "The Sandlot." This also acts as your daily reminder not to feel too bad for Christian Ponder.

Thoughts: Awwwwwwwww.

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