Gus Bradley disappointed in Jaguars' lack of effort


The Jacksonville Jaguars are winless and searching for signs of life.

Coming off last week's encouraging performance against the Denver Broncos, coach Gus Bradley wasn't thrilled with his team flatlining in Sunday's 24-6 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

"I felt it right from the start. Right from the very first play, I didn't think we played with the same spirit that we demonstrated before," Bradley said.

"We've got to get it fixed. I've said it before, that one really hurts because that's not who we are. We've got to go back and get it corrected," Bradley said. "... We challenged our team to take the next step. This week, we felt like we were ready to do that but we weren't, and it didn't show up."

Asked if he detected a lack of effort, Bradley said: "Yes, I did."

The Jaguars are in a dark corner at 0-7. It's been a grisly campaign from the start, but we stick with something we said before the season began: There's good leadership here. There's a distinct lack of talent, but patience for Bradley, his coaching staff and the front office is required.

Jacksonville was aggressive during last offseason's draft and free-agency period, and we expect the team to follow suit this spring and summer. Some of the dead weight on this roster won't be around for long, but it would be a mistake if Bradley were set free.

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