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Johnny Manziel's budding bromance with Drake, FBS history

  • By Andy Fenelon
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The week that was in the always unpredictable life of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel:

Two (like Johnny's jersey number ... get it?) up ...

1. Run, Johnny, run: Teams have been daring Manziel to throw the ball more this season, and Ole Miss on Saturday was no different. Manziel completed 31-of-39 passes for 346 yards. Despite the success through the air, Manziel did what he does best on A&M's final two scoring drives -- he improvised. He broke free for runs of 13, 6, 12 and 13 yards, and the 6-yarder -- a touchdown that tied the game late -- was classic Johnny:

2. Johnny makes football history: Lost in the thrilling finish Saturday night was Manziel passing 7,000 total yards in just his 19th game. He became the quickest to achieve that feat in FBS history. Imagine the numbers he would put up if he played two more years. Hard to.

... two down

1. Down goes Johnny: In the first quarter against Ole Miss, Texas A&M got a scare when Manziel, untouched, fell to the turf and clutched his left knee. After a few anxious moments for Aggies fans and all humankind, he was helped off the field, and was back in the game on the next series. Trainers put a knee brace on him that he wore the rest of the game.

2. What about Ty Detmer? Auburn coach Gus Malzahn called Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel "two of the best that ever played the game in college football." Now that could be interpreted different ways. How long is Malzahn's "best" list? Does it go five deep? Ten? One hundred?

Let's assume for a second he's talking top-five ever. That means Herschel Walker, Tim Tebow, Archie Griffin, Earl Campbell, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, O.J. Simpson, Lawrence Taylor, Bo Jackson, Ricky Williams and Marcus Allen (to name a few) are fighting over three spots. And we didn't even put old-timers like Jim Thorpe, Red Grange and Sammy Baugh in there.

Best ever? That better be a pretty deep list, coach.

Scooby Dooby Doo, Part II

The problem/genius of the Internet is that anyone can make a claim and suddenly it's true. Needless to say, whether true or not,'s claim that it got Manziel to agree to let the site's users pick Johnny's costume this year, after last year's Scooby-Doo smashing success (for Johnny anyway), was wicked smart.

Even smarter were the suggestions. Some favorites:

Social love triangle

There's this weird little bromance going on between two rappers and Manziel. First, Houston-based Slim Thugga, who was frustrated by Texans quarterback Matt Schaub throwing one too many pick-sixes, tweeted his love at Johnny Football:

Then, on Saturday during the first quarter of the A&M-Ole Miss game, Drake went to Instagram with a pic of himself rockin' a Manziel No. 2 jersey with Johnny miles -- and at the same time only a few feet -- away:

"I love him to death," Drizzy told ESPN last month. "We've gone from sort of like I'm a fan of his and he's a fan of mine to genuine friends. And I think we'll be friends for a long time."

Still waiting for Nelly to join the fray, although Sam Bradford is "starting to do his thing," which could keep Manziel at arm's length from the St. Louisan.

Turf wars

Earlier this week, if you were lucky enough, you could have been one of the first to go online and pre-order a pallet of Kyle Field turf for just $400. A little rich for your blood? How about a square for just $20?

As Chase Goodbread notes, it's not being sold by Texas A&M as grass trodden on by Manziel, but, c'mon, it's grass that's been trodden on by Johnny Freakin' Football.

Maybe Drake can buy it all and re-sod a small portion of the sprawling Los Angeles property he bought last year for $7.7 million.

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