Jim Harbaugh: 49ers' Gore can't be hit by 'bag of dung'


Jim Harbaugh says weird things.

This is what we love about him. In a world of mundane NFL front men, Harbaugh is the outlier.

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The San Francisco 49ers coach was up to his old tricks Thursday when asked about the Tennessee Titans defense's ability to create turnovers. The Niners will visit the Titans on Sunday.

"They're the best we've seen at clubbing, punching, stripping, lawn-mowering, just lodging it out from opponents," Harbaugh said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's always a critical thing to our well-being to have ball security and not turn the ball over. It's emphasized weekly, daily, but, yes, this week we have to emphasize it even more."

We don't know what "lawn-mowering" is, and a cursory web search tells us the Internet doesn't either. We wonder if there's any connective tissue to the coach's Olive Jar theory.

Harbaugh wasn't done. Later, he described a fumble Frank Gore lost against the St. Louis Rams in Week 4. On the play, Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree ran down Gore and punched the ball out from behind.

"When that happens to Frank," Harbaugh began, "you're not going to sneak up on Frank again and hit him over the head with a bag of dung a second time."

It's a sentence rooted in logic and sprinkled with madness. In other words, classic Harbaugh.

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