Tony Gonzalez: I don't want to leave Atlanta Falcons


We already got into all the reasons why we think it makes sense for the Atlanta Falcons to trade Tony Gonzalez.

There's logic to it, especially when you remember Gonzalez says the only reason he came back for a 16th season was to claim a Lombardi Trophy. With Atlanta sitting at 1-4 and without Julio Jones the rest of the way, this is unlikely to be the year the Falcons #riseup.

Still, don't expect the tight end to be moved before the Oct. 29 trade deadline. The reason is simple: Gonzalez doesn't want to leave.

"I don't have any regrets. I am still as happy as I can be to be a Falcon," Gonzalez said, via the Falcons' official website. "I know there was trade rumors out there. I didn't ask for a trade. That wasn't me. I signed up and this is the team. I came back to play with these guys on the team and I'm enjoying myself win, lose or draw.

"Obviously, I'd rather win," Gonzalez continued. "That makes it a lot more fun, but there is no way I would even think about jumping ship. I love playing for this team. I love playing for this city. Like I said, we still got a chance, too. If I start thinking like that, I think we wouldn't have a chance and I'm not there yet. Not even close."

Gonzalez comes across as a genuine guy to us, so we take him at his word here. He'll likely retire without a ring, but with every tight end receiving record and enough earnings to fill a Scrooge McDuck bank vault.

We trust Tony will make peace with himself.

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