Chris Canty is 'a little disappointed in Aaron Rodgers'


While teammate Randall Cobb was down on the field, Aaron Rodgers walked over to the Baltimore Ravens sideline to let safety Matt Elam know he wasn't happy about the low hit that broke Cobb's leg.

Rodgers said after the game he believed Elam had the time to "make a hit in the legal hitting zone."

Of course, a hit to the knees is in the legal hitting zone for defenders. Ravens defensive end Chris Canty wasn't sure where Rodgers was coming from.

"Well I'm a little disappointed in Aaron Rodgers coming out and making those comments," Canty told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network's "Around The League Live." I'm tired of hearing offensive guys talking about defensive guys hitting players in the knees. Offensive linemen cut defensive linemen all the time. So I really don't get it. It's a legal hit, it's within the rules. And if Aaron Rodgers doesn't like it, he should take it up with the NFL."

Siciliano pointed out that Rodgers was sticking up for a fallen teammate.

"I get it, but it's within the rules of the game. They don't want to hear defensive linemen complaining about cut blocks, we don't want to hear them complaining about defensive players tackling offensive players low."

It's a fair point, though we get Rodgers' frustration. He said Monday that he makes a conscious effort to make throws that don't put his receivers in harm's way. He didn't with Cobb, and he still lost his top target until December. Tough game.

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