Seattle Seahawks could try to regain crowd noise mark


The people of Seattle wept in the rain when Chiefs fans in Kansas City broke the world record for loudest outdoor stadium crowd on Sunday.

Chiefs fans reached 137.5 decibels late in the fourth quarter of a win over the Oakland Raiders, breaking the record of 136.6 set by Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field in September.

Undaunted, Joe Tafoya -- a former NFL defensive end now known as The Seahawks' Crowd Noise Organizer Guy -- wants another crack at the record books.

Tafoya hopes to take back the Noise Championship Belt during the Seahawks' Week 13 matchup against the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 2.

The Associated Press reported that the Chiefs paid $7,500 to fly an adjudicator from Guinness to Kansas City to document the effort. The same adjudicator -- a man named Philip Robertson -- measured the noise for both record-setting crowd performance in Seattle.

Said Robertson: "They destroyed any Premier League hopes of attaining this record, I can tell you that, and I'm a Brit that loves the Premier League. It was extraordinary."

That was the most British quote ever on Possibly the Internet.

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