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Peyton Manning testy after Denver Broncos' victory


The Denver Broncos didn't destroy the Jacksonville Jaguars, as many predicted they would, winning Sunday by "just" 16 points, 35-19. On two separate occasions, the Jaguars got within two points of the 6-0 Broncos, leading some fans to boo.

Peyton Manning was a little testy after the game about how people, perhaps even some within the Broncos' facility, dismissed the Jaguars' defense.

"Sometimes, you score a lot of points and people take it for granted," Manning said, per The Associated Press. "Even people in your own building can take it for granted. It's not easy to win football games. I learned a long time ago, don't take winning for granted."

Manning was particularly "snappy," as KCNC-TV's Vic Lombardi put it, when asked why he didn't dive after two fumbled snaps (we're assuming the reporter who asked the question was trying to insinuate that Manning didn't go all out).

"Don't generalize about that based on one game," Manning said.

Despite some offensive miscues, the Denver defense was the true concern. It got lit up by Justin Blackmon and allowed Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne to throw for 303 yards. Getting Von Miller back from his six-game suspension for Sunday night's game against the Colts will be a big boost, but the 32nd-ranked pass defense needs to improve on the back end as well.

We've come to expect perfection from Peyton-led teams, and the sloppy game from the Broncos was a surprise. But players are human, and they no doubt heard all week about how big they were going to win.

Manning, for his part, will take the perfect record, despite the imperfect game.

"I learned long ago never to take winning for granted, and sometimes you have to remind your own players that it's tough to win in the NFL," Manning said.

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