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Gridiron Breakdown: Peyton Manning vs. Alex Smith


Two quarterbacks remain undefeated in the AFC after five weeks. One is Peyton Manning. The other is, well, Alex Smith. One is expected. The other is, well, Alex Smith.

But the quarterbacks are more alike than you think. They are also different in so, so many ways. To find out which one is better, let's take them to the grid.

And without further ado ...

Player Peyton Manning Alex Smith Give it to ...
Seasons: 16 9 Manning
Drafted: No. 1 No. 1 Push.
No. 2 pick behind him Ryan Leaf Ronnie Brown Manning. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time followed by one of the biggest busts -- no brainer.
Head coaches: 4 4 Smith. As many coaches in nearly half the time.
Offensive coordinators: 4 8 Smith. Seriously?
Father played for: New Orleans Saints DNP Manning
Passing yards: 61,371 15,482 Manning
300-yard passing games 77 3 Manning. He has 17 games with at least 400 passing yards.
Passing touchdowns: 456 88 Manning
Interceptions: 210 66 Smith
Percentage of passes that are check-downs: 32 percent* 99 percent* Manning (*all totals approximate)
Rushing yards: 713 922 Smith
Final year in college: 3,819 yards, 36 TDs, 11 INTs 2,952 yards, 32 Tds, 4 INTs Smith. Take a closer look at those numbers.
Finish in Heisman voting: Second in 1997 Fourth in 2004 Manning
Lost to: Charles Woodson Matt Lienart Manning
Finish in Heisman voting: Second in 1997 Fourth in 2004 Manning
College rushing yards: (-181) 1,072 Smith. (That negative total for Manning isn't an aberration)
Biggest bowl win: Citrus Bowl Volunteer Smith. But if it wasn't for Manning, we wouldn't have the Steve Spurrier joke about not being able to spell "Citrus" Bowl without UT.
Last time he won a playoff game: 2009 playoffs 2011 playoffs Smith


The bottom line: All right, Smith made it close in a few categories, but Manning walks away with this one. And we mean walk. Did you see his college rushing stats?

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