Matt Cassel to start, Ponder to be backup for Vikings


Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier decided he couldn't pretend any longer.

Frazier said Friday that Matt Cassel will start at quarterback when the Vikings take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

"We made a decision a couple days ago," Frazier said, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "Matt Cassel is going to be our starting quarterback Sunday."

Christian Ponder will back up Cassel.

On Thursday, Frazier wouldn't reveal his starter, despite reports that Cassel would be the guy. He finally relented Friday.

Frazier might have been trying to keep the Panthers guessing as long as possible. But the cat was out of the bag Thursday when a despondent Ponder discussed how "disappointed" he was with how the situation was playing out.

The moment the Vikings signed Josh Freeman, we knew there was no going back to Ponder. Cassel will get a chance to pad his resume Sunday and then Freeman should get the chance to wrangle the job for the rest of the season.

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