Colts to celebrate Peyton Manning when Broncos visit


Peyton Manning will soon make his return to Indianapolis. His former team will celebrate his arrival.

The Colts are planning a tribute for Manning when the Denver Broncos come to Lucas Oil Stadium for a "Sunday Night Football" matchup Week 7.

"We're going to have a great tribute to him," Colts owner Jim Irsay told USA Today at the NFL Fall Meeting. "It's going to be something where you go into it wanting to have a lot of fun, where you love Peyton as a Colt fan, but now we're competing against him."

The Colts will have to walk a fine line here. Manning is the greatest of all Indianapolis Colts, but he's also the star quarterback for the team that serves as Indy's biggest roadblock to the Super Bowl. Manning certainly deserves recognition, but common sense must work its way into the building.

And while we're here: Has any athlete with deep ties to a franchise ever passed the eye test with a new team easier than Manning with the Broncos? As ugly as Denver's uniform is, it feels like Manning has been wearing it for 20 years. If anything, it looks strange when we see old footage of Manning in Colts blue.

Does this make any sense? No? Whatever.

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