Warren Sapp criticizes Greg Schiano's 'mafia style'


You won't find Warren Sapp in the corner of embattled Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano.

The Bucs are 0-4 and still reeling from the drama that culminated with the release of Josh Freeman, the former starting quarterback, who was no favorite of the hard-driving Schiano. Sapp, a former Buccaneers star turned NFL Media analyst, got after Schiano during a Monday appearance on NFL.com's "The Coaches Podcast."

"If I'm down in Tampa, I'm questioning this whole thing because it's a mafia style," Sapp told NFL Media's Brian Billick. "I know (Mike) Glennon is not the quarterback that Josh Freeman is. There's no question about it. The film tells me this. Practice tells me this. Even my quarterback demeanor tells me this. If you wouldn't let (Freeman) throw the ball at the end of the game, why is Glennon throwing the ball at the end of the game?"

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Sapp criticized how the Bucs have used $16 million cornerback Darrelle Revis and added that Schiano's discipline-heavy coaching style invites disaster without instant results.

"When you're 'My way or the highway,' you must win now," Sapp said. "Because guys don't believe in your way when you're losing. And you lose the way they lost the first two weeks, you gave away those football games. And whenever you've given away football games, that means your style needs to change."

Tom Coughlin famously won back the Giants' locker room with a gentler approach to coaching during New York's 2007 Super Bowl season. It's unclear if Schiano is willing -- or capable -- of making a similar transition.

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