T.Y. Hilton: Seattle Seahawks' insults fired me up


T.Y. Hilton was on fire Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts receiver scorched one of the NFL's best defenses, catching five passes for 140 yards and two touchdowns in the team's 34-28 victory over the Seattle Seahawks

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Hilton said his big day started after one of the Seahawks' cornerbacks insulted him. No, it wasn't Richard Sherman this time.

"(Brandon) Browner said I'm light as (expletive)," Hilton told USA Today Sports on Sunday.

That insult came after the Colts started the game with three three-and-outs, Hilton said. Not long after, Hilton blew by the Seahawks' secondary for a 73-yard touchdown catch and run.

"(Browner) made me hit the light switch that nobody's seen," Hilton said. "He made that decision. So they should blame him."

"He pushed the button," Hilton said. "So he deserved it."

Buttons, switches, we're down with whatever the metaphor Hilton wants to use.

As for the usually talkative Sherman, Hilton said the cornerback didn't say a word.

"Richard Sherman? He wouldn't even look me in the eye," Hilton said. "Not at all. The whole time."

Sherman is smart enough not to talk smack when he and his secondary are getting torched.

In the future, other cornerbacks would be wise to let the sleeping beast lie as well.

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