Matt Schaub ignoring criticism for Texans' Week 4 loss


Gary Kubiak predicted Matt Schaub was going to have a "tough week."

The Houston Texans coach wasn't wrong. Kubiak's quarterback has been a major talking point in the wake of Houston's bitter loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The criticism has been predictable -- but also fair -- and it seems to circle back to one over-arching question: Is Schaub good enough to make the Texans great?

"You don't have time to look at the rearview mirror, good or bad," Schaub said Wednesday, via the Houston Chronicle. "You have to have a short-term memory, or you're going to be affected. That's not the way I am. That's not the way this team is.

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"I've been around (criticism) enough that you just tune it out. You don't even pay attention to it. You just go out and cut it loose."

Schaub also explained to reporters why he deactivated his Twitter account this week: ("I'm not a big social media guy.") and had a message for the Texans fan who turned over his Schaub jersey for a well-publicized ceremonial burning in the Reliant Stadium parking lot.

"My goal is to make sure, when we're done (with) this thing at the end of the year, he's going back out, and he's going to get one (No. 8 jersey) to wear," Schaub said.

OK then. It's only Week 5, but Sunday night might be one of the most important games of Schaub's career. Playing in prime time in front of Cris and Al, his success or failure will be magnified. Things are about to get much better ... or much worse.

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