Nate Burleson posts photos of pizza-caused car wreck


Nate Burleson suffered one of the more memorable non-football injuries last week, when the Detroit Lions wide receiver broke his arm in two places in a car accident caused by pizza sliding off his passenger seat.

Burleson understands "The Pizza Incident" is now part of his NFL legacy, a contributing factor in his decision to post photos of his battered Hybrid, a blood-stained airbag deployed and Happy's Pizza strewn about.

The caption reads: "I'm releasing these pix for 2 reasons: 1) I walked away from a totalled vehicle #Blessed 2) I have to hear all the pizza I'll start-Yes I am the 5th Ninja Turtle. #LovePizza #LetTheJokesBegin"

Burleson certainly is blessed given the extensive damage to his vehicle. This clearly could have been a lot worse.

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