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Jay Cutler has four turnovers in Chicago Bears' loss


Jay Cutler relapsed Sunday.

It's not a huge surprise. Cutler has been addicted to throwing game-killing interceptions for so long, he was due for a retrogression.

Like all of us attempting to squelch a bad habit, going cold turkey is not an easy task.

But Cutler's four-turnover debacle in the Chicago Bears' 40-32 loss to the Detroit Lions is an aberration, not the rule, so far this season.

After the game, coach Marc Trestman said Cutler's three interceptions weren't mental, but physical problems.

"It wasn't really about decision-making, I think it was more about just fundamentals of finishing two throws ... one underthrown and one high," Trestman said, via CSN Chicago.

Blaming the physical problem over the mental is a coach's way of saying the mistakes are correctable, not debilitating.

However, Cutler's two interceptions in the first half did eviscerate the Bears' chances on Sunday.

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"If I played better, this is a different ball game," Cutler acknowledged, per the Chicago Tribune.

Cutler was sacked three times Sunday -- after only three sacks through the first three weeks. Some of his mechanical problems were caused by being moved in the pocket, but his line was far from the sieve it has been the past few seasons.

We didn't see the same quick-slinging Cutler we'd gotten in the first three weeks. At moments, he held the ball too long, and others he almost seemed to be looking sideways for the Lions' pass rush.

We've been wondering if a pass rush would disrupt Cutler's early season harmony with the offense. That pondering proved prophetic Sunday. However, as Trestman said, these are fixable mistakes.

When Bears fans are honest, they'd take three weeks of good Jay for every one week of bad Jay.

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