Jim Harbaugh on Colin Kaepernick's motivation source


Much was made this week about Colin Kaepernick "favoriting" hate-filled messages from Twitter users.

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was more philosophical Friday about his young starting quarterback embracing the hate.

"Energy is energy," he told reporters. "And there's positive energy, there's negative energy. And sometimes a person can get more energy from negative energy. Sometimes that can be a gift. Thank You."

If those of you wanting to get into the "Kap embracing the Dark Side" analogy, we pass you along to the Sacramento Bee's Matt Borrows, who eloquently breaks down the whole nerdtastic "Star Wars" angle.

For the rest of us, we continue on with Harbaugh's philosophical pontification.

"As long as all that's written is written against us, then we feel a certain assurance of success," he said. "If people are heaping flowery words of praise upon you, that means you're exposed before your enemies. ... I'm quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson there."

It truly is a different Harbaugh after a win.

The us-against-the-world mentality Harbaugh employs is not a new one in sports. But the 49ers coach does present a lot of flowery words to remind his team to remain humble.

Harbaugh is a master spinmeister whose work is a game, a very serious game. I'm quoting M.C Escher there.

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