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Josh Freeman to be traded by Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


So what's next for Josh Freeman?

Benched Wednesday in favor of Mike Glennon, Freeman -- barring disaster for the rookie -- likely has taken his last snap for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that Tampa is open to trading Freeman, but the Bucs don't intend to sell low. That's fine, but shopping the fifth-year pro is beyond tricky. Freeman is in the final year of his rookie contract that will pay him a whopping $8.43 million this season.

The Oakland Raiders come to mind as possibility, but more realistically through free agency. The Minnesota Vikings could be in the market for a new quarterback, but not at Freeman's salary. The Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars will look to the draft for answers, and reportedly have no interest in a trade.

The weighty financials make a deal unlikely, but if a coaching staff feels strongly enough about Freeman's potential, mapping out a long-term deal isn't impossible.

There's plenty to like about his play. At 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, he brings ideal size to the role and boasts a powerful arm. But he's also painfully streaky and plagued by the problems that limit other young passers.

When NFL Films guru Greg Cosell said the following about Cam Newton last week, he pointed out that Freeman, too, is "very erratic with his accuracy and, No. 2, he does not see the field well. And it's really hard to be a quality NFL quarterback when you're lacking those two things."

Freeman needs good coaching, but NFL quarterbacks -- especially those with towering arms -- have nine lives in this league. He'll play again.

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