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AFC dominating NFC through season's first three weeks

Entering the 2013 NFL season, national perspective decided that the NFC was better top-to-bottom than the AFC.

Well, at least through the first three weeks of the season, that view should be soaked in turpentine and turned into a puff of smoke.

The AFC is 11-3 against the NFC, according to the NFL Media research department, including 6-2 in Week 3.

The Chicago Bears have two of the NFC's interconference wins (the other was Seattle's demolition of lowly Jacksonville).

This isn't the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots beating up on the worst of the NFC. The Kansas City Chiefs have two wins; the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills all are included in the AFC's three-week beatdown.

Four of the six 0-fer teams reside in the NFC.

Yes, it's early, but the "NFC is soooo much better than the AFC" narrative should be dead.

Some other notable truths from our diligent research department on Week 3:

» Teams that start 3-0 have made the playoffs 75.4 percent of the time and won their divisions 52.6 percent of the time since 1990. (Patriots, Dolphins, Chiefs, Broncos, Bears, Saints and Seahawks fans all give a golf clap.)

» The Chiefs became the fifth team in NFL history to start 3-0 after losing 14 or more games the prior season. The highest season record of the four previous teams is 9-7 (the 1980 Detroit Lions). The other three teams ended up under .500.

» The New Orleans Saints racked up minus-6 rushing yards in the first half of their Week 3 win. Their leading rusher at the half: Drew Brees with minus-1 yard (on a kneel to end the half).

» Josh Gordon became the first Browns receiver with at least 10 receptions since Kevin Johnson (11) in Week 3 of 2003 at San Francisco (or the last 160 games). And the Browns would trade him?

» Note for those who pick games: The Baltimore Ravens improved to 17-1 in their last 18 home games against non-divisional opponents.

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