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Raiders QB Carson Palmer standing by Jacoby Ford


Jacoby Ford provided an example of how not to handle a golden opportunity on Monday night.

With Denarius Moore sidelined, Ford slid into the starting lineup in the Oakland Raiders' preseason opener.

Carson Palmer targeted Ford three times. The result was an interception and two egregious drops. He also muffed a punt, and Palmer could be seen pulling Ford aside on the sideline. Not the best day at the office.

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"I was excited to get back out there and I just want to go out and just perform better for the team," Ford said Wednesday, via The Associated Press. "I didn't perform at all the way that I wanted to, but that's preseason. So whenever it comes to the regular game, we'll be ready."

The Raiders have little experience among their wide receivers -- and Moore's lingering hamstring injury is a legitimate concern. They're counting on veterans like Ford to steady the ship.

His back-to-back drops in the game's second series would be enough to put some receivers in their quarterback's dog house. But Carson Palmer remains confident in his teammate.

"It's nothing that needs to be talked about," Palmer said. "I have complete faith in him, and he'll catch the next one. I told him right after it happened I'm coming right back at you to give you another chance. I know the next ball I throw to him, if it's a bad ball he'll go up and make a play on it and make a play for me."

Ford gets his shot at redemption on Friday against the Arizona Cardinals.

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