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Jalen Mills charge to be reduced to misdemeanor


Just a day after LSU coach Les Miles said suspended defensive back Jalen Mills would be one of two Tigers not with the team when fall camp commences Monday, the district attorney involved in the case said the junior's charge would be reduced to misdemeanor simple battery. According to, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore texted that Mills' misdemeanor charge would be filed Monday. It appears Miles has known Mills' charge would be reduced for days, as he told a fan gathering last week, "I'm told everything is pretty positive."

Nothing about Mills' case looked positive at the time of the May incident which resulted in his suspension. He was alleged to have punched a woman in the face outside his apartment and was arrested for felony second-degree battery. Soon after, however, Mills' attorney indicated Mills had been misidentified and did not strike the victim.

According to, Miles has reinstated players who have had felony charges reduced to misdemeanors in the past, noting the 2011 case of quarterback Jordan Jefferson. If Miles follows that precedent, Mills could be back on the LSU practice field in short order.

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