Eagles owner sees Andy Reid-like run for Chip Kelly


The Philadelphia Eagles found uncommon stability in Andy Reid, who served as the team's head coach from 1999 through the 2012 season. For perspective on how fortunate Philly was, the Cleveland Browns went through six coaches in that same span. They've had two more since.

When the Eagles made the decision to move on from Reid, team owner Jeffrey Lurie actively sought a candidate he could envision having a similar run to Reid's. Lurie revealed to NFL Media's Albert Breer this week that he told candidates, "Look, we want to pick someone who has the capability to be here for the next 10, 15 years."

You can safely imagine all teams look for that type of longevity in a new coach. But Lurie and the Eagles had the benefit of their relationship with Reid to understand what it takes to make a marriage between coach and franchise work.

The Eagles believed Chip Kelly made for an ideal dancing partner. They still do.

"I got the feeling he was capable of that," Lurie said. "People will learn about themselves. Coaches will learn. Do they want to stay in the same place? Do they want to move around? You can't control that. But he has the ability to develop a program that was already successful, and make it even better. They were successful (at Oregon). We had all that success (with Reid). But we want to be better than we were, not stay the same."

The coaches who stick around are the ones who win games, remain comfortable in their surroundings and earn the patience of the organization. The Eagles and Kelly look built to last now ... but what happens if there's a contract impasse? Or the Eagles miss the playoffs for two straight years? Or the coach simply decides he needs a new challenge?

The stars have to align for a decade-plus run. That's why we rarely see it.

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