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Football is back! We've got you covered from July 24 through August 5 with NFL Network's "Inside Training Camp Live" providing 12 hours of live coverage each day beginning at 10 a.m. ET. Every day we'll feature highlights from the show and our reporters in the field. Here's today's batch:

» The holdout is over. After a week of staying away from Seahawks' training camp for the last week, Marshawn Lynch returned to the team facility, per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport. Looks like the Seahawks' hardline stance paid off. According to Rapoport, Lynch did not receive a new deal. "It's something that he has been in talks with them on and off for the last several months, and there had been no progress and no progress, and finally Marshawn Lynch has obviously decided that he is not gonna get paid, he is gonna stick with his original contract..."

» According to NFL Media's Marshall Faulk, Lynch returned to camp just in time. Faulk had noted earlier on ITC Live that the running back's entire season would be at risk if he continued holding out. "I think there's a lot of positions that you can go in and out of and maybe not have camp," Faulk said. "But running backs, it's just fact you do not have that in-camp shape when you're not carrying the ball in camp, when you're not getting that constant pounding and getting hit. It's just something that will wear on you as the season goes on."

» On ITC Live, NFL Media's Jamie Dukes succinctly shut down any hope that Lynch could earn a new deal before the season began: "By the end of camp, no."

» With every team in the league pondering "Why not us?" during training camp, Faulk wonders whether the Seattle Seahawks even need to ask themselves that question. "I think this is the only team that's not asking, 'Why not us?'" Faulk said. "They say, 'Oh, it's us...'"

» Perhaps if Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant doesn't receive a new contract, he could look to the NBA -- check out this long, long three he swished with seemingly little effort.

» Dez Bryant dazzles on the field, too, according to NFL Media's Amber Theoharis. At Thursday's practice he scored the defensive backs in one-on-one drills:

» On ITC Live, NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah noted that Tampa Bay All-Pro guard Gerald McCoy has a work ethic that's "off the charts." Looks like Jeremiah now has photographic proof: Jeremiah noted that McCoy was the first on the field and the last to leave, in addition to carrying quarterback Josh McCown's pads.

» Jeremiah also reported that the Buccaneers' new offensive coordinator, Jeff Tedford, has installed an "aggressive" offense that pushes "vertically down the field."

» Following the Browns' Thursday practice, Johnny Manziel took the podium to address his progress thus far. He called the adjustment to the NFL a "complete 180" from everything he was used to in college and said that the competition he's facing is one of himself "versus the playbook." That sounds familiar...

» As far as the actual QB competition goes, though, Manziel was refreshingly pragmatic Thursday. "I don't know if they drafted me necessarily thinking I should come in and start Week 1. I think they wanted to see where I'm at and how I progress, hopefully they're happy with how I'm progressing. If not, obviously I need to take it upon myself to step my game up and continue to step it up at a more rapid pace."

» Rapoport's insight into what Browns personnel and coaches are thinking might not assuage Manziel's optimism, however. Rapoport noted that Brian Hoyer is "certainly being put in position to win the starting job." 

» Perhaps Hoyer's edge is simply a matter of practicality. Per Rapoport: "Think about it this way: it is much more difficult for an organization to start a rookie and have to replace him than it is to say start Brian Hoyer and have Johnny Manziel come in off the bench and save the day. Because either way, Manziel is gonna be on the field in some sort of package, but their ideal situation is to have Brian Hoyer win the job and have Manziel sitting there waiting in case something goes wrong."

» Manziel was also eager to dispell any speculation that there's tension between himself and Brian Hoyer. "Mine and Brian's relationship has been just as normal as everybody else in the room," the rookie said. "I don't feel any tension or anything like that. He's helped me in situations and I'm trying to learn from him." Meanwhile, Mike Pettine has dispelled the idea that Hoyer was a lock to start after taking first-team snaps, calling it a "knee-jerk reaction."

» NFL Media's Aditi Kinkhabwala also noticed that, with the media spotlight trained upon Manziel's social life slowly dimming, the rookie passer seems "a lot more engaging" in interviews.

» Remember this spirited scrum at Cleveland Browns camp a couple days ago? It looks like the Browns have decided to let the players exercise their competitive urges:

» Injury-plagued New York Giants running back David Wilson was knocked out of practice indefinitely on Tuesday with a neck stinger. NFL Media's Kimberly Jones reported Thursday that Wilson has an appointment in Manhattan's Hospital for Special Surgery on Monday with the surgeon who performed his neck fusion in January. Jones does not expect another update on Wilson's status before that evaluation. He won't practice this week and will not play in Sunday's Hall of Fame Game vs. the Buffalo Bills.

Jones provides an update on David Wilson, noting that while the rest of his teammates stretch, he remains standing:

» NFL Media's itinerant training camp reporter Steve Wyche was in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where he reported that Pro Bowl special teamer Matthew Slater, a wide receiver, was off the PUP list and practiced for the first time in training camp Thursday.

The latest Around The League Podcast talks about the good and bad out of Cowboys camp, then plays the "What's More Likely?" game.



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