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Roger Goodell: NFL compromised enough in HGH testing talks


The NFL appears to be done negotiating with the NFL Players Association over implementation of testing for human growth hormone.

Fox Sports' Alex Marvez reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday the league will make no more concessions with the union in talks over testing.

"We've compromised as much as we can compromise, I think, within reason to still have a program that has credibility," Goodell said at NFL headquarters in New York City. "We think it's time."

The disagreement between the sides is over the appeals process involving non-positive tests -- such a player being discovered in possession of such performance-enhancing drugs away from the testing process. The union wants independent arbitration on appeals, while the NFL wants Goodell involved in the process.

This is a statement given to FOX Sports from NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith: "What does neutral arbitration add but more credibility? The majority of the policy that they already agreed to allows the Commissioner to impose discipline but an appeal is subject to neutral arbitration if the player so chooses. The players don't want an exception to the rule."

The league and players union contracted to enact an HGH-testing policy as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement reached in July 2011. A host of disputes has stalled implementation, leading to the possibility of Congressional involvement if a compromise can’t be reached.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor



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