What we're not overreacting to after Week 2


Half of the league is miserable every Tuesday. With only 16 regular season games, every loss feels like another piece of evidence proving that your favorite team just isn't very good.

This column is here to tell you that the sky isn't necessarily falling. Maybe just lowering slightly. Here are the storylines we're not overreacting to after Week 2:

The entire NFC East: It's not a great division. But we knew that before the season started, didn't we? Their shared mediocrity will keep all four teams alive all season. And the New York Giants of recent vintage are the perfect example that mediocre regular seasons don't necessarily matter.

Washington has the most concerns, but there isn't a team here that is going to run away and hide. The Giants' defense is weak in the back seven. The Dallas Cowboys look like the best team early, but often can't overcome their own game-management issues. The Eagles are imbalanced, even if exciting. Which reminds me ...

Philadelphia's defense: Yes, the Eagles defense is poor overall. But they are getting improved play from Mychal Kendricks and Trent Cole. At best, this was always going to be a roller-coaster ride of a team. The Eagles offense can make up for it.

The Giants' turnovers: I'll gladly take an offense that is moving the ball, but turning the ball over, compared to a conservative attack that just can't make plays. The Giants can correct the turnovers, but other teams can't correct a lack of passing game talent.

Robert Griffin III, again: His biggest problem right now may be blitz recognition and setting his protection. He was more accurate in Week 2. The suggestion that Kirk Cousins should start is laughable.

Colin Kaepernick kryptonite: Great rivalries are about adjustments. The Seattle Seahawks have smacked around Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers twice in row, but offensive coordinator Greg Roman will be ready for the eventual rematch. San Francisco responded after the last Seahawks beat down by winning four straight games on the way to the Super Bowl.

Seattle looked primed for a fast start in the preseason. They were ready to get out of the gates quickly. The 49ers have more issues to deal with, but they have the talent and coaching to be much better late in the year.

Tampa Bay's heartbreak: The Josh Freeman drama might not be going away, but let's not get carried away saying this team is already done. Their defense played outstanding against New Orleans. They have lost two games by three points. That's not the sign of an awful team, just an unlucky one early.

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