RGIII blames self for Washington Redskins' slow start


The Washington Redskins' defense rolled over for the Green Bay Packers in Sunday's 38-20 loss, capitulating career highs in yards for four different Green Bay players.

That showing overshadowed another error-filled performance by the offense, as Robert Griffin III once again failed to move the chains until the game was out of reach.

"I'm not afraid to sit here and say, 'Put that on my shoulders,' " the quarterback said after the game, via The Washington Post. "I'll take that. We didn't start fast because of me."

He's not lying.

Griffin didn't move the offense until the middle of the third quarter when the Packers' defense eased up with a 31-point cushion. His passes were late and often errant. He couldn't pull his Houdini act in a collapsing pocket.

Although Griffin's footwork improved from last week, he isn't showing the same easy gas on his passes or beating defenders to the corner with his legs.

When defenders don't have to respect Griffin's speed, the windows get tighter on his throws. The deception is missing from last year's attack, allowing defenders to be more decisive.

That's not to say Griffin is doomed to a lost season.

It's easy to forget that Adrian Peterson had only one 100-yard rushing performance through the first six games after returning from his own knee surgery last season. It wasn't until midseason that he reached his peak physically and mentally.

It's not unrealistic to suspect that Griffin will follow that same timetable, regaining his pre-injury form by Halloween.

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