Niners' Anthony Dixon rips into Seattle 'She-Hawks'


Sunday night's NFC West showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks isn't a game that needs any more gasoline poured on the fire to motivate the masses. But a combination of mouthy athletes and Twitter has provided exactly that.


Colin Kaepernick


In a tweet he's since deleted, 49ers reserve running back Anthony Dixon went to town Wednesday night.

"Extra weight on the racks all week getting less sleep preparing for these She-Hawks," Dixon wrote. "I love hostile environments Imma feel right at home ... "

An aggressive bit of poetry from Dixon, considering he didn't even carry the ball in Sunday's win over the Green Bay Packers. It's now on his teammates to fend off a Seahawks contingent fully aware of the slight after linebacker K.J. Wright -- who went to Mississippi State with Dixon -- shared the back's words with the locker room.

"lol the she hawks?? I'll be sure relay the message to the fellas," Wright tweeted, before erasing his words, too. "It's gone be a long night for you and the forty whiners."

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