Jim Irsay: 'I demand' Colts better protect Andrew Luck


Last season, no quarterback was hit more than Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts.

After the team's prized signal-caller was sacked four times in Sunday's tight win over the Oakland Raiders, Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter to put an end to the madness:

Irsay's concerns are valid.

Sunday's home date against the Dolphins pits Indy's protection scheme against Miami pass rusher Cameron Wake, who flattened the Cleveland Browns in the season opener. Wake's 2.5 sacks of Brandon Weeden headlined an effort in which Cleveland's quarterback was dropped six times and hit endlessly.

The Colts used the offseason to rebuild an offensive line that gave up 41 sacks last season and made Luck the fourth-most-pressured passer in the NFL. Irsay wants this Sunday to look different:

We picture Irsay on some billion-dollar seafaring vessel with a daiquiri in hand as he issues various demands upon humanity -- and we like it.

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