NFL: Miscommunication on RGIII's knee brace


Robert Griffin III's return to the NFL was bumpy, and not just because of his uneven accuracy. The league apparently had a problem with Griffin's knee brace during the Washington Redskins' season opener Monday night.

"Everybody in the league kept calling down to our sideline saying that I didn't cover the brace up," Griffin said after the 33-27 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. "I don't understand that one, but that's why we had to continue to do some stuff to cover the brace up with my sock."

"I don't know what the league's doing," Griffin added. "I got fined 10 grand for a shirt, so I don't know."

That shirt, worn in the preseason, said "Operation Patience" on the front. Griffin might have to extend the operation deep into September as he rounds into form this season.

UPDATE: A league spokesman told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport that "there was a miscommunication last night. Players have the option of wearing knee braces either inside or outside of the uniform pants."

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