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A.J. Hawk: NFL locker rooms full of Johnny Manziel fans

  • By Andy Fenelon
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Just one day after Tom Brady went on a national TV show and hinted that Johnny Manziel should tone his act down, another NFL player had a completely different, almost refreshing, take on the much-discussed, often-dissed Texas A&M quarterback.

Making an appearance on the Dave Dameshek Football Program podcast on Thursday, Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk brought up Manziel, asking Dameshek and sidekick Adam Rank what they thought of Johnny Football.

Then he offered his own opinion.

"I never really watched him last year, so I didn't really know a whole lot about him," Hawk admitted. "Of course I tuned in and tried to watch him this week (against Rice). The whole fake signing thing he was doing, the get-money deal he did after his first touchdown ... the announcers were going super hard on him, saying he needed to grow up. I disagreed with their (opinions). They sounded like old curmudgeons."

"Just him doing that, I promise, you have no idea how many fans that kid has in NFL locker rooms. We love watching that guy play."

Well, who doesn't? He's well worth the $39.95 a certain cable company is charging pay-per-view customers to watch him take apart Sam Houston State on Saturday.

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