Mike Tomlin cuts released Steelers off Twitter roster


Mike Tomlin is a no-nonsense head coach. He takes the same approach with his Twitter account.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review notes that Tomlin follows a strict 53-man roster on Twitter. When the Pittsburgh Steelers trimmed the roster down from 75 men over the weekend, Tomlin also cut those players from his Twitter follow list. Tomlin has said he plans to monitor all his players on Twitter throughout the season, so he follows them all. Not every Steeler has an account, but Tomlin follows every player who does in addition to a few team accounts.

Football is a cold business. Twitter can be too. We can just imagine poor former Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer sending a direct message to Tomlin over the weekend, thanking him for his help over the last few years. Dwyer, of course, would have received this reply:

"Failed Sending update to Twitter - You can't send a message to a user who is not following you."

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