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Family of Ricky Seals-Jones alleges recruiting lure of $300,000


If the NCAA investigation team isn't sure where to go next after its probe into quarterback Johnny Manziel concludes, a good place to start might just be a few lockers away.

Aggies freshman wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones is one of many subjects in an upcoming book called "The System." In a highly favorable review of the book, an excerpt details the father of Seals-Jones confirming a cash offer of more $300,000 from a school other than Texas A&M for his son to attend the school.

Other expenses and gifts included, and with two other offers to double any competition, the father said he passed on all of it.

While the name of the school allegedly offering the payment is not mentioned, Chester Jones did describe it as "a top-20 program."

Seals-Jones is expected to be among 10 or more freshmen to make their career debuts for the Aggies Saturday against Rice.

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