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Arizona high schools add more precautions with iPad app


The Arizona Interscholastic Association made national news during the spring when it passed strict practice guidelines for high school football teams. Those rules include allowing no more than half of the preseason time in full pads and one-third of the regular-season practices in full pads.

After a few weeks of those limited practices, reported, those guidelines have received good reviews. For more precautions, KNXV-TV in Phoenix reported the Barrow Neurological Institute announced Tuesday that doctors will be on call during Arizona prep football games via an iPad app.

Barrow Neurological Institute, the Arizona Cardinals, the Fiesta Bowl and the Arizona Interscholastic Association are now adding technology to awareness.

Think of it as a tool for trainers and even coaches.

They log in on a smart phone or tablet and have a doctor's help with an injury. An athletic trainer can request a consultation from anywhere in the state, on the sidelines, in the locker room or wherever they may be.

The National Football League is taking note as well. Arizona Cardinals President Michael Bidwill says you may notice extra people on the sidelines.

"It's an area of emphasis, I can tell you that we have independent athletic trainers coming to games, observers coming to games," says Bidwill.

Arizona Sports reported on how every high school football player in Arizona is required to read the Barrow Brain Book published by the Barrow Neurological Institute. Barrow also announced Tuesday a concussion tool for pre-high school athletes.

Around 180,000 student athletes in Arizona have read the Brain Book, part of Arizona's and more recently, the nation's growing attention to the seriousness of concussions.

... The Barrow Brain is a video game for the adolescent athlete -- ages 8-to-12 -- which can educate them on concussions in a game setting instead of the text-heavy Brain Book. Brain Ball is a simpler way to teach younger athletes about concussions -- while Brain Book caters to the high school athlete.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor



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