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Patrick Peterson's role in Cardinals' offense expands


Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson's offensive participation has been a fascinating side story in the offseason.

He's been touted as a top-five NFL wide receiver by his coach, Bruce Arians, and compared to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders by general manager Steve Keim.

Even Peterson is surprised by his expanded role in the Cardinals' offense. He started with a 15-play package, which, according to the cornerback, has exploded.

"(Arians) told me he was going to give me a share of plays on the offensive side," Peterson said Thursday, per "I didn't know it was going to be this many. I think now we're up to 60 plays."

Peterson mostly has been a decoy in the first two preseason games, but it sounds like Arians just doesn't want to put his secret weapon on tape.

Sixty plays sounds like a hefty load for a defensive player, but Peterson said it's actually helped him at his full-time position.

"It's definitely an advantage, learning the route combinations, the stems, the alignment, where guys want to line up to plant to run certain routes," he said. "It's definitely huge for me to be learning that as well as going out there trying to defend it."

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