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Dez Bryant 'will be mad' if Johnny Manziel dodges suspension


Dez Bryant wants the air taken out of Johnny Football's pigskin. Or does he? Some clarification might be in order.

While the NCAA probe into whether Johnny Manziel sold mass autographs to memorabilia dealers searches for the beginning of Manziel's story, Bryant spoke out Tuesday about where that story should end.

"Hell yeah, I'll be mad. I will be mad," Bryant told's Cowboys Corner when asked how he would feel if the Texas A&M quarterback were not suspended. "But I don't want him to get suspended. I will be mad more at the NCAA on how they do things. I just feel like it's not fair. This is something I have no problem talking about because I feel like somebody needs to say something to him and let it be known how they treat people is not right."

If that didn't make much sense, consider how much sense Bryant made of his brush with NCAA law. While at Oklahoma State, Bryant was suspended for lying to the NCAA about a possible violation that wasn't a violation. After owning his mistake in that matter, Bryant lashed out against the NCAA legislation that forbids Manziel to profit from his autograph.

"I don't want anything to happen to Manziel, I promise," Bryant added. "I don't want anything. I just want them to know what they're doing is not right. That's all they need to know and they need to understand that."

But he'll be mad if there is no suspension. Got it?

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