Marcedes Lewis lectures Jacksonville Jaguars' offense


On Monday's edition of the Around The League Podcast, Gregg Rosenthal introduced the concept of "The Gabbert Zone" for any NFL quarterback unable to muster 5 yards per pass attempt.

The moniker was inspired by Blaine Gabbert's inability to clear 2 yards per attempt in the Jacksonville Jaguars' 27-3 preseason loss to the Miami Dolphins last week.

That level of ineptitude wasn't sitting well with veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis, who gathered the rest of the offense for a lecture after Monday's "sluggish" practice.

"That wasn't good enough. That's not acceptable," Lewis told teammates, according to The Florida Times-Union. "In years past, it may have been acceptable and we may have come into the locker room without even mentioning what happened. But mediocrity can't be accepted."

Upon being informed of Lewis' lecture, a Jaguars assistant coach responded, "I love it. That's a great sign."

Lewis' frustration is understandable. Take Monday's practice report from the Jaguars' official website for example: "The offense struggled at times in practice, with Gabbert completing about half his passes in 11-on-11 drills and (Chad) Henne completing a little more than half while fumbling twice."

After reading these skipping-record reports for nearly three weeks, the one above can be copied and pasted as a recap of the offense's performance for the entire training camp.

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