Josh Gordon's work ethic still in question for Browns


Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns defended his work ethic Saturday after's Greg Bedard noted in June practices that the wide receiver was loafing through drills with a lack of urgency.

"I mean certain people see different things when they look at me run or look at me move," Gordon said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. "It might look slow because I'm a little bit larger to play at my position. So it might be a little bit deceptive, hard to look at it. It looks like, compared to everybody else, a little bit shorter strides, shorter movements, but I go out here 100 percent every day I come out here."

Analysts such as Greg Cosell of NFL Films have noted that Gordon does indeed have deceptive speed due to his long stride. We would be more willing to buy that explanation if Gordon's commitment and "entitlement mentality" hadn't been questioned by beat writers, coaches, a former teammate and even Browns president Joe Banner.

Former coach Pat Shurmur acknowledged that Gordon sometimes lacked hustle and focus last year. According to, Gordon is never seen putting in extra time with quarterback Brandon Weeden, as fellow receiver Greg Little does. In fact, Gordon already has been "scolded" by the new coaching staff this summer for not finishing plays or running after the catch.

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The latter point is disturbing, as it suggests Gordon has learned nothing from his two-game suspension and multiple lectures from the Browns' brass. Former teammate Ben Watson recently revealed that the team's veterans had to get on Gordon every day last summer to make him finish plays.

Gordon has the talent to develop into one of the NFL's elite receivers. As Watson has explained, the "sky is the limit" -- but only if Gordon "wants to clean it up and be serious about football."

We've seen little evidence to date that Gordon is ready to take his career in that direction.

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