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Adrian Peterson rethinks running style after seeing league video


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is known for his bruising running style. But watching video in a recent meeting with NFL officials has the star player reconsidering how he runs the football.

Peterson explained his change of heart to the Star Tribune on Tuesday.

"How I'm going to attack it is just try to keep my head up at all times and not lower my head," Peterson said. "Not only because I could hurt someone else, but I could hurt myself as well. When I seen that play last night, you could sense how bad it could have been had I been hit the wrong way. So just being visual and seeing that, there is even more emphasis that I'm going to abide by that rule to protect myself."

Hits by Peterson and Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson were featured in the video screened by league officials as part of an effort to educate players on how the new crown-of-the-helmet rule will be called during the season.

-- Marcas Grant, contributing editor



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