Jay Cutler won't run read option, Chicago Bears say


We told you Wednesday morning about the possibility of quarterback Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears running the read option.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cutler was asked how much read option he'll be running in 2013.

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"None," he responded matter-of-factly, per CSNChicago.com.

Coach Marc Trestman reiterated as much.

"No, we're not going that way with this offense," Trestman said.

However, Trestman then said the Bears could run read option if they wanted to.

"The thing about Jay on a read option, Jay knows how to get down," Trestman said about Cutler's ability to slide or get out of bounds. "Jay knows how to play the position when he's running out on the field."

Of course, consciously putting Cutler in a position of peril is a questionable move. We've seen how well the Bears' offense has performed without their starter the past several seasons.

Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer played it closer to the vest, saying he would "never like to divulge" schemes.

To recap: The Bears have the building blocks to run the read option. But they won't be running read option. But they could run read option. But they wouldn't tell us if they planned to run read option.

We're glad it's all clear.

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