Gus Bradley tells Jaguars: 'We ain't ever got it'


Gus Bradley is trying to do what the last guy couldn't: Turn the Jacksonville Jaguars from year-to-year basement dwellers in the AFC South into competitors.

The first-year head coach opened by attacking the Jaguars' defense, reshaping it to resemble more closely the beast he oversaw with the Seattle Seahawks. That means rangier, aggressive players in the secondary and a flexible front seven designed to baffle quarterbacks. Bradley's also tweaking the culture.

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"We have a saying in our locker room," Bradley told The Florida Times-Union. "I preached it to our players. I believe the three most dangerous words in the NFL are, 'I got it,' and we stay away from those words. I want our players, our coaches and the whole organization to have the mindset that 'we ain't ever got it,' and we're going to compete in everything that we do."

Added Bradley: "We want to be smart during training camp. We're going to be aggressive. It's going to be uncomfortable."

The Jaguars, long overdue for a shakeup, could use a little "uncomfortable" inside the building. Bradley isn't afraid to bring it.

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