Aaron Rodgers' Ryan Braun tweet to fan lives on


Aaron Rodgers stood behind Ryan Braun when the Milwaukee Brewers slugger initially was suspended for use of performance-enhancing drugs last year.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback took to Twitter to defend his good friend, then celebrated -- and even gloated a bit -- when Braun's suspension was overturned. So confident was Rodgers in his buddy's innocence that he authored the following tweet.

Then Braun got busted again. This time, the suspension took and Braun copped to using. Technically, in the free-wheeling world of Twitter bets, Rodgers owes Todd Sutton $4.5 million.

Sutton joked to USA Today that he'd be willing to take a game check. That would equal a $281,250 windfall.

"I'm not really expecting to hear from him," Sutton said. "It'd be cool, but I doubt it's going to happen."

There are very few times where we truthfully can say we don't envy Aaron Rodgers, but right now is one of them. Rodgers is known to take slights personally, and now he has to speak to reporters on the touchy issue of Braun. The guys own a restaurant together, for crying out loud. Now Rodgers has to answer questions about if his friend lied to him.

As for the Twitter wager, Sutton probably shouldn't hold his breath.

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