Harbaugh: Colin Kaepernick's allegiance is with 49ers

And now, the final word on Colin Kaepernick's 'Snapbackgate.'

In his first meeting with reporters at training camp, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh made it clear that he had little issue with his quarterback wearing a Miami Dolphins hat to a Fourth of July party.

"I know Kaep, and I know where his allegiances lie," Harbaugh said. "They lie with us, and I chalk that up to a slow time in the media cycle. I know Kaep very well and know exactly where his allegiances are."

Pressed further on the matter, Harbaugh dismissed the thought that Kaepernick needs to be more careful now that he's in the public eye at a higher level. Harbaugh was asked once more if he had any issues with Kaepernick's fashion choice.

"I know him, I know how he prepares," Harbaugh said. "I know where his allegiances lie."

Case closed. And now, we move on.

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