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St. Louis Rams' offense could be like Saints', COO says

  • By Kevin Patra
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The additions of Tavon Austin and Jared Cook have made the St. Louis Rams' offense more explosive and multifaceted, but that doesn't mean it will rely on a few big-time players.

Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff, during an online chat with fans, said he expects quarterback Sam Bradford to spread the wealth.

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"I think you could see this offense resemble an offense like the Saints, where you have four or five players catch 40 to 50 balls, but nobody who catches 70 or 80," Demoff said, per a Sunday post on "I'm not saying that we are the Saints' offense, we need to improve to become that, but more that style where anybody can be a threat on any play."

Demoff also noted that the Rams plan to run more hurry-up and spread offense concepts, which are more along the lines of what Bradford had success with during his college days at Oklahoma.

"Our coaches noticed that we were more effective in the hurry-up, spread concepts a year ago, and not only did we make more plays but we were able to dictate the tempo more and neutralize the pass rush," Demoff said. "We now have the personnel to match that style on offense with an offense that can (have) multiple tight ends, empty backfields and different personnel combinations to try and stress the defense and create mismatches."

The Rams have been doing everything they can to talk up Bradford and give him all the weapons he needs to succeed. Demoff's answers continue the team's public stance that it isn't a make-or-break season for Bradford, even if it feels like it should be.

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